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She is a fan of Spritzöl!

Did you know that star blogger Marie-Eve Piché @maman_cafeine, the one followed by + 70K members on Instagram and + 180K on FaceBook, loves Spritzöl? This is so true that, after consuming it all summer as an aperitif, the Quebec web personality came to visit the Verger Hemmingford cidery to meet the team and see where her favorite cocktail is produced.

During her visit, Marie-Ève ​​discovered the full range of Verger Hemmingford ciders. Accompanied by her collaborators, they were all won over by LE CIDRE. Photographer Kim @la.nomade took superb photos in the orchard and Carole Anne Villeneuve, the young mother behind @caroatraversleweb, made a “live” FB with Marie-Ève ​​to announce their new project: @mamanenaffaires.

About Spritzöl
Spritzöl is a classic spritz made in Quebec. The new ready-to-drink is in the image of its «ideatrice» - the entrepreneur and young mother Claudie Lamoureux -, it is a classic spritz from here. Developed and produced in collaboration with the team at the creative cider house Verger Hemmingford, Spritzöl is an impeccably balanced cocktail. The mix of citrus flavors, bitterness, sweetness and bubbles whets the appetite at aperitif time. No one will be surprised that Marie-Ève ​​Piché fell in love with this sparkling wine offered in small cans, individual portions where nothing is wasted. In addition, Spritzöl is 100% made in Quebec, 100% made from natural ingredients, it is gluten free and from vegan production. Hard to beat!

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