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Certified Quebec Ice Cider

Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)

LE CIDRE de Glace Verger Hemmingford, fall 2018 harvest, is mainly made from the famous Quebec McIntosh. Since 1994, it has been the “signature”cider of the cidery.

In the fall, the very ripe apples are harvested by hand and kept cool until the end of December. Once winter arrives, the fruits are squeezed and the juice obtained is placed outside in the cold weather of January. By crystallizing, the water separates from the sugars, by nautural cryoconcentration. After a few days of intense cold, the concentrated must, representing a quarter of the initial quantity of juice, is collected by gravity. The nectar is then placed in stainless steel tanks, where it ferments for at least 6 months, at low temperature, before being finally bottled.

Enjoy LE CIDRE de Glace now, fresh, with your favorite cheeses. The aromas of apple, pear and cardamom as well as the intense flavors of apricot combine beautifully with the biting acidity, so characteristic of the estate's ciders. After opening, this bottle can be kept in the fridge for three months. From vegan production, LE CIDRE de Glace Verger Hemmingford is gluten-free.

375 mL, 11% alc./vol. Limited edition. SAQ code #14378160

Available in selected grocery stores in Quebec, in SAQ stores and online, on

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