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LE CIDRE Libre Verger Hemmingford
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LE CIDER Libre 2021


Farmer-style natural cider

Limited edition of 8,538 bottles

750 mL, 6.1% alc./vol

Farmer type cider, 100% free!

This natural cider cuvée - LE CIDRE Libre - is out of the ordinary. The apples come from the wild and were unearthed around the cidery. Sports harvest was done in Hemmingford in September 2021.


The unearthed fruits are of the bitter type. Fermentation on indigenous yeasts reveals a forest nose, hints of apricot and rustic roses. There's substance in the mouth: it's spicy and nourishing with an astonishing bitterness reminiscent of the peel of grapefruit. The finish is mineral and… Surprise! After two minutes, we recognize fresh apple. wow!

The deposit at the bottom of the bottle is normal. Before pouring into a glass, swirl gently to mix the lees for maximum flavor enjoyment. LE CIDER Libre can be consumed now. Serve it chilled to drink with tacos, a toasted sandwich, Indian curry, or roast pork. Treat yourself!

Fall Harvest 2021: Wild Apple Varieties

Bottle fermentation, unfiltered

Total acidity: 3.23 g/L

Sugars before fermentation: 110.5 g/L

Residual sugar: 0 g/L

Gluten free - from vegan production

No added sulphites

Available in selected grocery stores and convenience stores in Quebec and in few SAQ and, on ligne on

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