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Rum O Noir 


  • Old Fashioned glass

  •  few ice cubes

  • 45ml (1.5oz) dark rum

  • 175 ml (about ½ can) LE CIDRE Noir 


  • put the ice cubes in the glass

  • add the rum

  • add LE CIDER Noir

  • using a spoon, stir lightly

  • optional: garnish with a slice of apple

  • enjoy immediately.


Serves one person.

Preparation:  1 min.

This is a version of good old Rum & Coke. It's also simple to prepare and drink but without the concentration of sugar. The presence of bitterness and the combined acidity are more reminiscent of the famous Italian herbal liqueur (e.g. Quinoto). As a bonus, we have a smoky taste in the mouth. 

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