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Fabienne Laferrière tasting her sweet cider Fabe for the first time. 

Sweet cider Fabe, specially made for Fabienne Laferrière

Fabienne is a local influencer and a big fan of Quebec ciders. This woman with exceptional energy is truly fearless and goes after her dreams. For her latest project, she called on us to develop a sweet cider made from ice cider. Fabienne's charisma and professionalism won us over and the entire cidery team worked to create a signature drink tailor-made for her.


Sweet cider is less concentrated in natural sugars than ice cider. It is also lower in alcohol (7% alc./vol.) and therefore more versatile and affordable as a luxury product.

“I particularly appreciate its sweet and sweet taste, which differentiates it from traditional wines or strong alcohols. I also like the multiple possibilities of savoring it, whether as an aperitif before the main meal, as an accompaniment to desserts, or simply during a relaxing afternoon on the terrace with friends.

With this new drink, Fabienne continues her mission as an influencer. As a social media personality, she believes Fabe cider deserves to be discovered by the new generation.

Were to find Fabe

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