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The classic spritz aperitif, made in Quebec!

Based on an original idea by Claudie Lamoureux and produced in collaboration with her longtime friends from Verger Hemmingford.

Spritzöl offers a perfect balance between citrus, bitterness, sweetness and bubbles. Enjoy it fresh on any occasion.

This ready-to-drink is a Quebec product, locally produced. It is certified "Aliments du Québec"and classified "Origine Québec" by the SAQ. It is vegan, gluten-free and made without any artificial colors. As a cider base cocktail, it is only made from100% natural flavors.


6.5% alc./vol. 4 X 250 mL.  SAQ code: #14480341

Available in selected grocery stores and convenience stores in Quebec, in SAQ stores and online, on

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