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Gin poivré & Framboise


  • Old Fashioned glass

  •  few ice cubes

  • 45ml (1.5oz) of gin No10 Guy Lafleur

  • 175 ml (about ½ can) LE CIDRE  Framboise 


  • put the ice cubes in the glass

  • add the gin No 10 Guy Lafleur

  • add LE CIDER Framboise

  • using a spoon, stir lightly

  • optional: garnish with a mint leaf

  • enjoy immediately


Serves one person.

Preparation:  1 min.

This cocktail is one of the most popular at any patio party in the summer. The characteristic black pepper of Guy Lafleur's gin No10, combined with the natural aroma of raspberry in LE CIDRE Framboise, makes it a perfect blend. A must try!

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