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Limited edition 2019 of 8 455 bottles 

750 mL, 6.1% alc./vol

Inspired by the orange winemaking method, LE CIDRE Orange is made from a blend of hand-picked apple varieties in our orchard in Hemmingford. Geneva, Makamik and Dolgo give texture and color.


Fermentation on native yeasts and making natural bubbles in bottles offer freshness, bitterness and structure. On the nose, we find aromas of bread crumbs and in the mouth, small red fruits. This Pet Nat (natural sparkling) comes from the 2020 harvest. It is fresh, dry and balanced with a beautiful astringency. 


As a farmer type, it is drunk with ease. It should be served fresh, as an aperitif or with a spicy dish inspired by world cuisine (sushi, Indian, Moroccan or Mexican dishes) or, to pair with a meal that has texture and ... fat. 

Autumn harvest 2020:  5 varieties

Fermentation in bottle, unfiltered

Total acidity: 2.9 g / L

Sugars before fermentation: 99 g / L

Residual sugar: 0.5 g / L

Gluten free - from vegan production

No sulphites added

LE CIDRE Orange is available in selected grocery stores, convenience stores in Quebec and in SAQ and on-line, on

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