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LE CIDRE GinJan inspired by Africa 

Add exoticism to your day and please your taste buds!


Fresh and Fruity



Natural aromas



LE CIDRE GinJan is inspired by the famous drink of African origin. By combining cider with the pungent aromas of fresh ginger, pineapple and vanilla, you get an ultra refreshing cocktail, slightly spicy, fresh and fruity.

LE CIDRE GinJan is made exclusively from hand-picked apples from Quebec. It is also made from freshly squeezed juice (never from concentrate). Finally, fermentation and canning are done on site. From vegan production, LE CIDRE GinJan is also naturally gluten-free. Serve cold, with or without ice cubes.  Enjoy!

473 mL can, 6% alc./vol.

Soon available in selected grocery stores and convenience stores in Quebec.

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