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Charcuterie & cheese board with apples, served with cider


  • 4 Quebec apples of different varieties: Ginger Gold or delicious yellow, and Gala

  • 30 ml (2 tbsp.) lemon juice

  • 3 Quebec cheeses with complementary textures and flavors, for example: a soft cow's milk cheese, an ashy goat's milk cheese and a firm aged cheese

  • Selection of charcuterie: sausage, salami, coppa, prosciutto, or speck

  • Quebec terrine: duck or goose

  • Roasted nuts: pecans, walnuts, cashews or pistachios

  • Selection of crackers, or sliced ​​baguette

  • Spreads of your choice, as an accompaniment: candied onions, mustard, etc.

  • Pairing: LE CIDRE Cuvée Chambly from Verger Hemmingford


  • Core the apples, then cut into slices.

  • Half fill a bowl with fresh water, add the lemon juice, then the apples. Mix well and let stand for 5 minutes.

  • Drain the apples well and pat them dry.

  • On a large board or in a large plate, arrange the apples, then add the cheeses, cold cuts, terrine, nuts and crackers or slices of baguette.

  • Serve the spreads on the side.

  • Accompany the aperitif platter with LE CIDRE Cuvée Chambly from Verger Hemmingford.


Serves six person.

Preparation:  10 min.

This appetizer tray is a favorite at summer patio parties. Source: Québec Apple Growers in collaboration with Cidre du Québec. Its a must try!

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